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Hi, I am an international RMIT student doing a package course of Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering and Bachelor's of Computer Systems Engineering which is a 4.5 years course in total. I've already done 1st year of that course but now I wanna change my course to another package course Associate degree of Information Technology and Bachelor's of Information Technology which is 3 years course in total.
So, If I change my course to associate degree, will this create any problem to my visa?
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Hi @shahriarabir_00 - it doesn't seem likely, because according to the government's Immigration website (see you will only hit problems if you transfer to a "lower" program, or change out of RMIT entirely. However, please double-check your own personal visa conditions to be sure.


More to the point - when are you thinking of transferring? You'll need to get approval from your School - probably the Program Coordinator. You'll then need to fill out the Program Transfer Form for international students - check out to find the form. This all needs to be done well in advance of semester, so if you want to do this now, you had better get started!


Good luck.

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