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I am a new student,last week I started learning English at rmit, for some reason I had to apply for delayed enrollment, and also got the consent. Last week I also went to school for school registration, but when I was online enrollment, but prompted me to fail. At the same time my course and timetable always show up, I tried again and again. Reception desk told me that I can get course information and timetable as long as I go to class. But I still fail until now, more terrible last week I was moving (this is the agreement with the intermediary before, I have to sign the contract and also to deal with the relevant procedures, such as the current transfer of the contract), so last week Absent. I would like to give my teacher an e-mail description of the situation, but there is no information or e-mail address, my current curriculum shows no courses, there is no timetable. And during my absence, my student mailbox has never received any mail from the teacher or school. I wish I could get help, what do I need to do, and why have not I received any information about my course? It 's terrible for me, please give me help. I am very much in need of my timetable and enrollment details.
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Re: HELP!!PLZ !!

I would advise you to immediately seek help from the Info Corner.  
Please try to make it early in the mornign as it is a busy period. 



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Re: HELP!!PLZ !!

Hi @Yancey,


@JoyNikas to add a bit on Joy's reply. Info conner is located in building 22, ground level in the city. Please go there asap. They will be able to provide you a help. Please remember to bring your passport.




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Re: HELP!!PLZ !!

Yep! Info corner is your best bet