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Housing for me and my girlfriend


I am a French student, and I have been accepted for the RMIT exchange programs (semester 2).


I will stay in Melbourne from 7th of July to 25th of novembre.


I am starting to gather information and to look for my accommodation in Melbourne. My situation is quite special. Actually I'am looking for a double room because my girlfriend (who I am copying in) will join me in Melbourne from 1st of August to 31th of Octobre.


So we would like to live together in a double room in an apartment. We would like to be in an house-share with other students but still have a double room for us.


Do you think that this is possible ? How could I find this kind of rental ? (I did not find those on the database). Does-it matter that my girlfriend will not be a student of RMIT ? I thank you in advance for your answers.




Mathieu Fulco


Re: Housing for me and my girlfriend

Hello Mathieu,


For information and advice about housing and accomodation options, please have at look at the information on the following webpage.;ID=98mnltgg1oj9


I recommend that you plan to arrive in Melbourne at least 2 -3 weeks before your program commences to give you time to find suitable accommodation.


Also you can use the online help to ask a question to RMIT advisors about your options.;ID=xvd5v2sy1cog1


Kind regards