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Jessica Abigail Student Enquiry SE3650943

Subject:Assistance with enrolling in S3

Please kindly assistance with enrolling in S3 since my S2 courses have been completed on January 2021 which consisting of the following courses:business computing,commercial law,accounting,price and market

Actually I was took S2 courses starting on August or September 2020 last year,then continued to took S1 courses on Feb 2021 and currently I will take S3 courses and still waiting S1 courses result.Hopefully you can assist me or advise me to take S3 courses,thank you for kind assistance and helpful

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Re: Jessica Abigail Student Enquiry SE3650943

Hi Jessica, 


Your enquiry has come to International Student Services. Unfortunately, our team is unable to provide enrolment assistance. Please contact Business Connect team. 

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