FAQs for students accepted into a Global Intensive.

- Cost Questions

- Application/enrolment Questions

- Logistics Questions

- Admin Questions


Cost Questions


Q: What is the cost of my global intensive?

A: Global Intensive costs vary from tour to tour and largely dependant on the destination, you will find an estimated amount on the application page of your global intensive on Mobi. This estimated amount is in addition to your tuition costs.
There are funding/scholarship options available to students.


Q: How do I pay my tuition?

A: You enrol into a course code specific for your global intensive and pay your tuition the same as you would normally pay for your RMIT tuition, whether a domestic or international student.


Q: How do I pay my materials fee? What is this materials fee for?

A: After all applicants have committed to the global intensive, the Student Enrichment team will send you a Materials form to sign, scan and return.  This materials fee will be added to your RMIT invoice.
The materials fee covers costs on the tour such as ground transport, entrance to museums/excursions, some meals etc that the tour leader will arrange and pay for on your behalf whilst on the tour.


Q: Do I have to purchase my own travel insurance?

A: Yes. All students attending a global intensive must have bought a travel insurance policy. You will be required to upload a copy of your policy certificate to your Mobi file.
Students without travel insurance will not be allowed to attend the tour regardless of flights booked.


Q: My credit card automatically gives me travel insurance, is this ok?

A: Yes, however you will still need to upload a document or letter to Mobi that states that you are covered for any travel.


Q: How much should I expect to spend while on the tour?

A: That depends on you and how much/level of shopping and meals you like to spend money on.

To get an idea of the cost of living in your destination in order to budget, see the numbeo website: http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/


Q: Is there any funding available to me to help pay for the tour?

A: Possibly. There are a number of funding options available to students wanting to participate in global mobility programs. Information on funding options and how to apply can be found here: 



Enrolment Questions

Details on all global intensives can be found here


Q: How many credit points is my global intensive?

A: Global Intensives will be either 12 credit points (1 elective) or 24 credit points (2 electives)

To find out about the one you have been accepted into, please see here


Q: Does 24 credit points mean 2 electives? Does that mean I pay for 2 courses?

A: Yes. If you are going on a 24 credit point global intensive, 


Q: What assessment is involved? 

A: This varies between each program, but participation in pre and post departure workshops is usually involved. This can be clarified during information sessions or contacting the Tour Leader.


Q: What do I enrol into to enrol in the global intensive?

A: Course codes are provided on the Mobi application page. Once you have committed to participating in the tour, you will be provided with guidance on when/what to enrol into for the global intensive.


Q: How will the global intensive appear on my transcript?

A: You will be enrolled into one course, either if a 12 or 24 credit point course.
One 24 credit point global intensive course enrolment equates to a 2 general elective enrolment.


Q: What happens before/after the tour?

A: Global Intensives include a number of pre and post departure workshops, not just the tour itself.
You are enrolling into a course and this includes academic work aside from the tour itself.  Assessment will also be discussed during these workshops.



Logistics Questions


Q: Do I book my flights, or does RMIT?

A: You do.  You are responsible for booking your flights. Make sure that you have been offered a place on the tour and have accepted your offer before making any travel plans.

You can arrive or leave as you like, as long as you are present for the dates of the tour and meet your own visa requirements.


Q: Do I arrange my own accommodation, or does RMIT?

A: RMIT does. It is a compulsory requirement of all global intensives that all students attending the tour stay in the one establishment. The Tour Leader will make the necessary booking arrangements and students will make payment directly to the designated hotel.  Most hotels will accept paying on arrival, there are some establishments that will require pre-payment and this will be communicated to you by your Tour Leader.


Q: Do I have to share a room with someone else?

A: No. The Tour Leader will liaise with you and if you wish to stay in your own room this is possible, however it is more cost effective to share and helps to keep the group in communication whilst on the tour.


Q: I have family/friends where the tour is, can I stay with them while on the tour?

A: No. It is compulsory that all participants on the tour stay in the one location for safety reasons. There are no exceptions for this rule.


Q: There's something specific I want to do/see when there, can I do my own sightseeing?

A: It depends on the schedule.  Most global intensives include free time that allows participants to explore their destination. Most free time is evening time, but you should discuss the schedule with your Tour Leader.


Q: Can I arrive early/leave later than the tour dates, I want to extend my time to have a holiday as well.

A: Yes. As students book their own flights, you can arrive early or leave late, travelling around the dates of the tour are up to the student, they just need to make sure they are present for the the entirety of the tour itself.


Q: Who goes on the trip?

A: Each global intensive has different minimum and maximum group numbers.  You will be travelling with with all accepted applicants along with an RMIT academic staff member, your Tour Leader.


Q: I have a medical condition, is it ok for me to go on the tour?

A: Yes.  You should make any medical issues known to your Tour Leader before commencement of the tour.  This includes any condition/matter that has a risk of being an issue on the tour. This information will be kept confidential and is purely for the purpose of controlling the comfort and safety of all participants on the tour.



Admin Questions


Q: Do I need to submit a study plan?

A: For Global Intensives, No.  Global Intensives "use" your general electives, therefore there is no need to have courses matched. Study plans are required for exchange, study abroad and short term study abroad.


Q: What happens if I haven't uploaded my documents?

A: Students who have not completed uploading the requisite information and documents will be restricted from the tour. Deadlines for documents will be communicated to accepted students.


Q: What do I do if I can no longer participate in the tour?

A: Please contact bus.enrichment@rmit.edu.au as soon as you are ware you can not commit to the tour.  If within a certain timeline, we may be able to offer a place to those who have missed out on an offer. If a late notification, a $300 admin fee may be applicable.



If you have more questions:

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