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For an appeal against a Credit Transfer/Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) decision, under sections 12 of the Credit Transfer Procedure and 9.4 of the RPL and RCC procedure, you must have evidence supporting any of the following grounds for an appeal:
  • the decision was not compliant with the Credit policy or the Credit transfer/RPL and RCC procedure, or;
  • there is evidence that the outcome was influenced by personal bias.
Applications that do not provide evidence for any of the above grounds cannot be considered.
Stage One review:
If you have evidence that an error occurred in the determination of your final result or credit application decision, you must contact the Business Admissions and Credit team to request a review of a Credit Transfer/RPL/RCC decision. You can do this by replying to the email notification of formal outcome that you would have received in your RMIT student email inbox. Please allow reasonable time for a considered response.
If you are lodging a request for review without replying to the email notification, please include as much detail (such as call numbers, application numbers) as possible so that your initial application can be located.
Stage Two appeal:
If you believe the outcome of the Stage One review has not resolved the issue and you have evidence the grounds for appeal exist, you may apply for a hearing of the College Appeals Committee. Information about the appeals process - including important timelines - is detailed on the Appeal against recognition of prior learning, recognition of current competency and credit transfer f....
Completed forms must be accompanied by relevant documentary evidence. Students must be mindful that if they wish to seek an appeal, then regardless of the length of time it takes to complete the review process, the appeal must be submitted within 20 working days from the date of official publication of the final result or credit decision in question.  Please note that late applications cannot be accepted. 
For further information in relation to the appeals process please refer to the following:


If you have any other queries about the appeals process, please email the College of Business Appeals Office at bus.appeals@rmit.edu.au.