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As an RMIT student, you can seek feedback about your academic performance from your teacher or Course Coordinator at any time. However, you can only request a formal review of (or appeal against) a final assessment result for a course if you have evidence that the grounds for review and appeal exist.


Under the Assessment: conduct of assessment and appeals procedure, the grounds for review and appeal are:

  • an error has occurred in the calculation of the grade; or,
  • the assessment did not comply with criteria published in the course guide; or,
  • the criteria published in the course guide do not meet the requirements of the relevant training package or accredited course (VET courses only); or,
  • the assessment did not comply with University policies on assessment (i.e., an error in process has occurred).

 If you wish to start the formal review and appeal process, follow the steps outlined below.

Stage One (Review) – Request a review of your result
If you have evidence that the grounds for review exist you can ask your School to review the result. Submit your request and supporting evidence to the Course Coordinator responsible for the course. Please allow reasonable time for the Course Coordinator to respond, bearing in mind that this is a busy period of the year. Where the Course Coordinator is not available, you may then seek a review by the Head of School.


Stage Two (Appeal) – Appeal against your result to the College Appeals Committee
Where you believe the outcome of the review has not resolved the issue and you have evidence that grounds for an appeal exist, you can request a hearing of the College Appeals Committee to consider your appeal. Follow the instructions detailed on the Appeal against a final assessment result – College Appeals Committee form to submit your appeal to the College Appeals Committee.


Your complete appeal application must be lodged with the College Appeals Office at bus.appeals@rmit.edu.au within 20 working days from the official publication of result. Incomplete or late applications cannot be accepted. 


We also recommend that you read the University regulations, policy and procedures governing assessment and student appeals. 



For further assistance or advice on the appeals process, please contact the College of Business Appeals Office at bus.appeals@rmit.edu.au.