Credit Transfers 


Are you eligible to receive credit?

  • To be eligible for credit towards a course, you must demonstrate that you have already completed learning that is relevant, current (completed within 10 years prior to your application) and satisfies the learning/competency outcomes of the course.

  • If you are receiving a benefit from Centrelink it may be affected if your study load reduces from a full-time to a part-time load. If you think you may be affected you should speak to your school about options for remaining in a full-time study load.

  • Onshore international students are required to complete their study within the expected program duration (refer to the ESOS Act 2000 for more information). You need to be enrolled in a 100% load each semester unless your school has approved a reduced study load. If you are granted a block of exemptions this may change your expected program duration and you will be expected to complete in the revised time frame.

Can you get credit?

  • If you have completed similar study at another institution within 10 years, you may be able to receive credit, depending on whether the content of the course/s you have completed is equivalent to at least 70% of the content of the corresponding RMIT course.  You will be required to provide detailed course guides from your previous study in order for Academic staff to be able to make an assessment on the equivalency.
  • If you are transferring between Business programs, credit for subjects in both programs (ie common cores) will be transferred for you through an internal process.

How to Apply for a credit transfer

1. Complete and submit a credit transfer application form to Business Central, detailing the course you have completed and the course you are seeking credit for.
It is the applicant's responibility to identify what they believe they can recieve credit for.


You also need to supply detailed course guides for each course you wish to receive credit for, these course guides should include information such as:

* Topics covered

* Hours of study

* Textbooks

* Assessments

* Learning outcomes


2. Academic staff will assess the equivalency of what you have studied before and if it is sufficient to be granted credit towards the indicated RMIT course.


3. The College of Business Credits team will communicate the outcome of your application to you and if successful, the credit will be added to your RMIT transcript.


There are limits to the amount of credit you can be awarded, in order to ensure the integrity of the awards we provide.  Further detail can be found on the website here.