The RMIT Student Experience G+ Community is a social media portal that Student Enrichment Services team uses to promote various student enrichment opportunities to Business students, such as: 

  • Global mobility options
  • Internships and job opportunities
  • Student Ambassador activities and SSCC membership
  • Upcoming events and guest speakers
  • University activities
  • and even the occasional competition
    The site is also for business students to connect with each other and share their student experience, we encourage all College of Business students to engage with the page and post photos, questions and comments throughout their time at RMIT.

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   How to Join the RMIT Student Experience G+ Community


  1.   Opt-in to Google+ services: google-optin.its.rmit.edu.au
       Click on the "Take me to gmail" button to agree to the terms
    opt in.png

  2.   Either install the Google+ app onto your phone, or access through your rmit gmail account by selecting the Google+ tab at the     top (or clicking the grey squares in the top right hand corner if on a PC)
    select google plus.png

  3. Select the magnifying glass icon in the green header to make a search, and search for RMIT student experience.search comm.png
  4. Simply click on the 'Join' button and you will now be part of the G+ Community and able to make posts.
    *You might also like to search and join the RMIT Global Mobility group to keep up to date with international study options.
  5. join comm.png

5. To write your own post, click on the pencil icon in the green circle at the bottom of your screen.
    -To make headings bold, start and end a sentence with astericks *

    -Web links need to be posted as they are, you may use a url shortner if needed.
    -You may select a photo to upload also.



If you are having problems connecting to google+, please see the help guides found in the ITS section of myCommunity
Google+ Knowledge articles 


If you have questions about what can be posted up on this community, you can contact the Student Enrichment Services team at bus.enrichment@rmit.edu.au