Beat the queues to get the best student administration experience.

   Peak times for student administration queries at RMIT Connect occur throughout the year, such as the start of semester, when fees are due and near census dates.
   During these times, queues at service desks can have a wait time of up to two hours, phones will have long wait times and emails may take longer to be responded to due to volume.

   To avoid peak times, follow these tips:


   Self serve

   Service Counters

  • Contact us early - RMIT Connect and Business Central open Monday to Thursday at 9am, Friday at 10am.

  • Join the queue before arriving - if you’re coming onto campus, save time and join the queue online before you arrive.
    You will recieve a text when you're 10 minutes away from the front of the queue, so you can keep studying, having a coffee or travelling into campus, rather than waiting around for your turn in front of the service desk.
    Join the Business Central queue
    Join the RMIT Connect queue

  • Know your important dates - contact us before major University deadlines such as census dates.

  • Know where to direct your question, e.g. Business central do not answer questions regarding fees.

  • Ask a Student Ambassador: For general RMIT questions, attend a Business Student Ambassador drop-in session as part of the #EngageEnrichExperience program.
    Location: 80.07.58
    Semester 2 2016:
    Tue-Wed 1.00-3.00pm 
    Thu 10.00am-12.00pm