What are Student-Staff Consultative Committees?

Student representatives for SSCC consult with their peers and attend at least two meetings with staff during the semester to provide feedback to staff on their academic programs to ensure high quality learning and teaching.

Student representatives will receive LEAD accreditation for their service and can be counted towards the  Future Edge program


What does an SSCC do?

SSCCs discuss program-related issues, such as:

  • course and program structure
  • teaching methods
  • timetabling
  • workload
  • access to resources and facilities
  • class sizes.

SSCCs do not deal with complaints or grievances about staff or students, and student rights issues (such as appeals) which have separate processes.


How do I become a student representative?

To become a student representative, you must nominate yourself for the role at the start of the year. Your School will hold an election if there are more nominations than places on the committee. All students in your study program can vote.


For more details, see the website or contact Student Enrichment Services at bus.enrichment@rmit.edu.au