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unexpected guest - China Man


I am not sure who I have to report to ! One of a street wander china man has been around in the City Campus! I have been told by a security guard that he picks up food from bin on all floors. He also picks up fruit from Melbourne Central and put into RMIT locker which is unlock and forgot to pick them up and cause the flies to go around and smelly.


He was talking on the phone building 12.11 on the corridor last Saturday, I did mention to security guard and he called for backup. I also mention the fruit in the locker. The security guard is very ind and advise me to go away so that I might not get into trouble with he China man. I believe he as asked to leave but the fruit in the locker still left behind and he has just came to pick them up.


Is there a way to stop him from coming up to this building 10, 12 & 14. It is become real annoying because he sometine sneak in 14.11.05 (Staff kitchen) looking through the fridge and taking some of the food and milk as well. By the time I call security, he sneaks out and rush to the lift and disappear to where he can hide himself in the building... Some of other students did witness the situation...


Hoping someone can respone to this "what can be done about it"!


Thank you for listening!