This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence. work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence.

Confusion over using corporate credit cards versus Cabcharge was a top trending issue on Smart Stuff earlier this year, so let’s clear up any misconceptions.


While RMIT prefers you use Cabcharge to pay for taxis, corporate credit cards can also be used to cover reasonable business-related travel expenses, including taxis.


Did you know?

You can appoint someone in your office to become a Cabcharge administrator. Simply email


What does a Cabcharge administrator do?

A Cabcharge administrator is required to monitor, issue and reconcile taxi vouchers every month. This is done electronically using Promaster software and you can find the procedures in this guide.


What if I don’t know a Cabcharge administrator?

If you need a Cabcharge voucher but don’t have an administrator in your area, email to request a voucher (include your IO or WBS). You can collect it at Central Finance (Building 105, Level 10, City campus) or have it delivered to you via internal mail.


What about Uber?

RMIT is in the process of determining if Uber adequately meets the University’s security, insurance and risk requirements. Until further direction is provided, the usage of Uber and other ride share services is not permitted.


In summary …

CabCharge is the RMIT preferred method, however you can still use your corporate credit card. Simple!


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