Dr Jeff Hughes, Senior Lecturer in the School of Science, noticed an anomaly with the supplementary assessment policy, which posed as a disadvantage to some students in their final year of study. The policy previously allowed for students who fail a course in their final semester, but receive a mark between 45–49 per cent, the opportunity to complete a supplementary assessment.

We received Jeff’s idea on Smart Stuff in September last year, and we were glad to see his feedback was considered, and the necessary changes were made to the assessment policy.


Due to the wording of the policy, students who received the same mark and fail a course during Semester 1 of their final year were prevented from graduating if they were unable to re-take the class until Semester 1 of the following year. This is a particular disadvantage to International students, with ramifications to visas, accommodation and travel expenses.


Now, the change will consider the final academic year of students and foster positive academic progress.


Click to view the new assessment policy.