Google Scholar is a free search engine used to search academic sources*, but until recently our staff and students were finding it difficult to find and use. The Library had, over time, produced guides on the system so it could be used to its full potential, but these guides were often difficult to locate.


An idea to consolidate these guides was raised on Smart Stuff, and the Library has now consolidated all existing information into a single online guide dedicated to Google Scholar.


Deborah Wright, Quality and Offshore Services Librarian (as well as a key business partner of Smart Stuff) said “we were already providing a link to Google Scholar from the Library home page but we didn’t realise our users were finding it difficult to locate information about some of the more advanced functionality.”


“Bringing together information about Google Scholar in a single webpage means students and staff no longer have to go hunting across multiple web pages and online guides to discover what Google Scholar is, how it can help their research, and how to use it,” Deborah said.


This is a welcome change, and is perfectly timed for the start of Semester 2.


You can access the new guide here. And you can post your smart ideas here


*insert late night uni assignment memories