There have been a number of sustainable ideas posted on Smart Stuff since its launch. Some ideas have included the following:

Recycled Water

Recycling Coffee Grounds

Reducing Kitchen Waste

These ideas are important to hear and it is encouraging to know staff are keen to see sustainability in the workplace.


The Sustainability team will shortly be launching Green Impact to engage staff in sustainable projects and further encourage sustainable thinking in the workplace. Those staff members that are sustainability-minded are strongly encouraged to get involved, and include their colleagues in the process.


Green Impact is a simple and flexible process. There will be an online workbook of criteria of sustainable actions for staff teams to work through over a 6 month period, after which teams will submit their workbooks, showing their achievements. To add to the competitive fun there will be incentives and prizes to encourage the teams along the way. There will also be continuing support such as workshops, webinars, newsletters and networking events.


Some benefits of the program include:

  • Achieves sustainability targets
  • Reduced energy, waste and water
  • Provides measurable outcomes
  • Professional development
  • Participation from across the whole organisation
  • Builds community cohesion


If you would like to get involved, information sessions are running across all Melbourne campuses, sign up here: City, Brunswick or Bundoora.


The Sustainability team are kicking major goals, check out this latest video with impressive facts and figures!


If you think you have some great sustainable ideas please let us know on Smart Stuff!