How are ideas formed, how do we identify the best ones and then implement them?


This is Ideation, the theory behind Smart Stuff.  Welcome to part two of our three part series on Ideation. In our last post we explained the Generation of an idea and today we cover Selection.  


Selection of an idea begins before an idea is even raised and we do this by creating labels which allows us to classify ideas by area.  Key Business Partners then look at these ideas and comment.


The bulk of the selection process is done by YOU, the Smart Stuff Community. You raise the ideas, you can also view other ideas and vote on them. The beauty of this system is that it forms informal discussion groups around your thoughts and processes, and ideas start to bubble up the voting process.




Comments allow the idea to be refined, expanded on and discussed, and votes are a simple way to register your support for an idea or comment.


Ideas with the largest amount of community support (those with the highest number of views, votes and comments), go to our Steering Committee.


We will leave it there for today! Tomorrow we will talk about Implementation.


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