Over the last two days we talked about Ideation and how we use that theory on the Smart Stuff platform. In the first part we spoke about Generation and in part two Selection.


What good are new ideas if they are not put to use?




Part III - Implementation


Implementation is the end goal of all Ideation. After the Selection process you have well articulated solutions to problems that need to be addressed. Every platform, company or group that uses Ideation has a different method for Implementing ideas. This is how we do it using Smart Stuff.


Each area has a key business partner that reviews and comments on each idea. At that point they will change the status to:
In Review - we are discussing this internally.
In Flight - work is happening around this idea, stay tuned!
Implemented - the solution has been delivered.
Already Exists - this idea relates to an existing process but may not be widely known.
Duplicate - the idea has already been suggested, the site moderator may combine it with another thread.
Not Right Now - we've discussed it internally and this idea cannot be implemented at the moment.

The highest trending Ideas are raised at our Steering Committee who will then action the idea accordingly.


The Smart Stuff Community Team and the Key Business Partners follow up on the status of these ideas and report back via Smart Stuff (on the idea page, on this blog and/or through another medium e.g. WorkLife).


We want to encourage staff to share their ideas so that we, at Smart Stuff, can then push those great ideas forward to get them implemented.


Of course ideas take time to gain traction and come to fruition, however Ideation platforms like Smart Stuff provide an excellent mechanism to help capture and bring your ideas to life though conversation and communication.


Each idea contributed to Smart Stuff inevitably raises its own set of questions. 'Is it a simple initiative?', 'Has it already been done?' and 'How long will it take?'. Regardless of the answers, you WILL always be up to date with the progress of the idea via the status icon attached to each post and enjoy engagement via our blogging, newsletters and platform.

We want to keep you motivated to submit more ideas in the future so that we can have a collaborative online space to improve work processes at RMIT.


We hope that our 3 part series has helped you to understand what Smart Stuff is all about and has provided a strong articulation of the processes of ideation and implementation.


This is your community, so please let us know in the comments what you would like to see in this blog or in newsletter articles around the university.


Thanks for reading! And please remember to vote and comment. Smiley Happy