Here's the first of what we hope to make a regular monthly feature - to keep you in the loop with the progress of ideas raised on Smart Stuff. 

Program Plan linked to relevant Program Manager - HR is leading a project to identify and capture Program Manager details. We'll keep you posted on this as it progresses. 
Directory for B8, B10, B12 and B14 - ITS partners are currently reviewing wayfinding solutions.
Electives in VE Programs - This idea is in review by the college of design and social context, we'll aim to keep you informed as it progresses. 
IT job registration - ITS is currently reviewing these emails to prioritise the user experience and give you useful information - so this was timely feedback!  Note: the Service & Support Centre Portal has a "Track Progress" area which allows users to view all outstanding requests in one place. 
Roaming motivation officers - the Student Wellbeing and Inclusion team are kick-starting a new program of work to support mental wellness for students.
New ideas that have been posted recently include:
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