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Throughout 2018, RMIT will be introducing more consistent and supportive processes relating to
casual employment.

Currently, changes have been made that will impact staff when recruiting and on-boarding casual
employees (regardless of whether they are required in an Academic, Vocational Education or
professional capacity) as well as all those interested (currently and/or potentially) in being employed
on a casual basis at RMIT.


What’s Changing

  •  Whenever there is a position to be filled, an online requisition form must be submitted and
    approved in RMIT’s recruitment system (PageUp) rather than via the CA 04/05 form
  •  Casual employees need to register in RMIT’s talent pool and submit compliance
    documentation on PageUp
  •  Staff e-numbers can only be created via PageUp not via SAP Desktop Manager
  •  RMIT have invested in a dedicated Casual Recruitment Team to support staff with the
    recruitment and on-boarding of all casual employees


What’s Not Changing

  •  Workforce planning / identification of a need to recruit a casual employee
  •  Manner in which casual employee hours are collected and approved in SAP and ESS
  •  Process for generating / requesting systems and building access for casual employees
  •  Process for recruiting contractors (who are paid by invoice rather than by RMIT Payroll)


Please click here to refer to the RMIT website for more information about this change.
For more information or assistance with hiring a casual employee, please contact the Casual
Recruitment Team on (03) 9925 0600 (selection #1 - between 8.30am to 5.00pm Mon-Fri) or

Thank you for your support in making this very important change for the University.