Smart Stuff is a community aimed at improving RMIT by creating a diverse network of ideas through the process of crowdsourcing.
Crowdsourcing is a process that operates on the fundamental principle that two heads are better than one. Through cumulative practice and drawing on different individual skill sets, experiences and contributions - crowdsourcing allows us to engage and create a more complete and democratic space.
There are many uses for crowdsourcing from generating capital, accessing experts for development work or generating ideas. 
A strong example of the effectiveness of crowdsourcing can be seen in the success of Wikipedia. Instead of creating an encyclopedia on their own, hiring writers and editors, they gave a crowd the ability to create the information. The result? The most comprehensive encyclopedia this world has ever seen.


Like any sourcing model there are inherit risks. Clear instructions and a launch plan are essential when developing an outsourcing model . You could potentially be searching through thousands of possible ideas, which can be painstaking, if you haven't developed a plan. 


Through contributing we can make RMIT a better and more efficient place.
Many hands make light work indeed.
Thanks for reading and remember to conrtibute, vote and share on Smart Stuff.