A major pain point identified by staff as a priority for improvement on Silly Stuff, was the Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard, which is now being replaced! 


At last week’s Project Rewire Town Hall, I got to engage and talk about our new LMS, Canvas and see it in action.


It was fantastic to see people gathered around computer screens and clearly getting involved with a desire to learn about the new system.

Canvas is easy to use, inclusive of different learning styles and offers clear connections to learning outcomes. The university I attended in London also used Blackboard so I can appreciate the differences between the two.


There are too many new features to mention them all, however here are a few that stood out for me:


  • Video management, so being able to upload videos and having the option to insert comments or further information throughout the video.
  • New systems, such as audio file feedback from teachers with regards to essays or work.
  • There is improved communication between teachers and students with threaded discussions and easy inbox messaging. There is also improved Canvas help with live online chat, and phone help 24/7 and quick help guides for staff and students.
  • Tools such as talk to text and audio messaging provide faster, easier feedback and have even helped one teacher suffering from repetitive strain injury (RSI).

I had a super time and it was great to see some of Silly Stuff's comments being turned into solutions. All in all, Canvas delivers an easier and faster platform that enhances the ability for teachers and students to connect, collaborate and work effectively.



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