This is an idea to be proud of.


Dr Rahul Gupta noticed students were missing enrolment deadlines and being slugged with late fees.


A number of these students are international students who often have limited access to their student email account in their home country, over the summer break. This made it difficult to receive reminder emails from the University, or gain enrolment advice moving forward in their program.


Rahul suggested accepting enrolments earlier in the year, and posted his idea on Smart Stuff.


Since then, Rahul’s idea has been implemented, and the 2019 enrolment deadline has been brought forward to open on 1st October 2018.


This will allow commencing students to secure their place, and continuing students to re-enrol approximately six weeks earlier compared to 2018.


This also brings a welcome sigh of relief for administrative staff who will see a drop in the processing of late enrolment applications.


What a win! Thanks again to Rahul Gupta for posting his idea.