Since its launch in September, Smart Stuff has received more than 8,000 visitors from across all areas of the University.

We are excited by the variety of suggestions that have been submitted, which, to name a few, include complex policy changes, astroturf placement recommendations, a change in HR processes and bike shed parking.

Just this year, we have implemented the following:

We’re currently looking at implementing another 50 ideas, with new suggestions being submitted and considered every day.

Community Manager and moderator of Smart Stuff Trevor McGuire says it’s encouraging to see staff so engaged.


“We want to encourage staff that have an innovative idea, or encounter tasks and processes that appear unnecessary, to share them with us and the wider staff community.


“These ideas contribute to both the staff and student experience so it’s important these ideas come from all corners of the University.”


Ideas can range from large, complex changes to simple, more immediate fixes and can apply to any part of the University, including Learning and Teaching, Technology, Human Resources, Property and Sustainability.

If you have an idea, no matter how big or small, please post it on the Smart Stuff forum.