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Heading into a new year, with the silly season safely behind us, it’s a good time to reset, focus on health and introduce some new workplace habits.  

As a staff member at RMIT, there are a number of services and resources available to support your personal health and wellbeing – here are just a few of them. 



1. The basics

If you haven’t already, take some time to set up your workstation correctly. 

Making sure you take regular breaks to stretch is a simple way to increase your wellbeing at work and prevent injury. 

If you need help, try this quick online self-assessment and take note of the 30 seconds of stretching for every 30 minutes of sitting rule. 

2. Free wellness and active classes 

Did you know there are free yoga, boxing, zumba and more classes on the city campus for you to try? These classes are first come first served. Take a look at the calendar and add a class to your diary today. 

3. Networking

The Keep in Touch network is available for staff on parental leave, and the RMIT Ally Network supports our staff and students of diverse genders, sexes, and sexualities.

You can apply to join the Ally network through the Ally Training on the DevelopME Portal, or connect with members by identifying them through their RMIT Ally email signature, or emailing:  

The Women’s Research Network – open to all research staff – advocates for gender equity and supports a flourishing and supportive environment for women researchers at RMIT.

4. Further support

  • The Employee Assistance Program offers confidential, free counselling to all staff.
  • DevelopME professional development offerings include the highly-rated stress management workshop Take the Pressure Down and Meditation and Mindfulness at Work, where you can learn about mindful movement and spot meditation suited to busy schedules. 

5. Coming this year – stay tuned

  •  The new Calm Zone within the New Academic Street precinct will offer wellbeing initiatives for both students and staff.
  •  Free skin and health checks will be offered to all staff in February and March. 
  •  Mental health First Aid training will be offered to front-facing staff.
  •  Initiatives will be introduced under the banner Work safe, live well @ RMIT – to support health, safety and wellbeing in the work and learning environment.

We spend so much of our lives at work. So take some simple steps to enhance your productivity, safety and general wellbeing.