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Today is a day I will never forget.  I proudly stood at the State Library as we heard the news, Australia said Yes in favour of Same Sex Marriage. 


Awaiting the announcement at State LibraryAwaiting the announcement at State Library

I'm sure people more eloquent than I shall write more engaging pieces than this but I couldn't let today pass without saying something.


Most of my life I have waited for the day when Australia says clearly that same sex couples are just as valid as any other couple.  Today I witnessed it.


This morning it began with colleagues rearranging their diaries so they could attend in person. We then ended our meeting early and made the walk to the State Library.


It was crowded and hot but the crowd buzzed with nervous energy.  I felt that today would be special, I hoped it would be special.  Lots of speeches were made and lots of applause were given as we waited patiently for 10am. 


As I looked around the crowd I realised this was not the normal gathering or rally I'd attended before, this was everyone.  I saw people rushing from the station in carefully crafted rainbow costumes and people in suits taking a break from work to be here.  Everyone wanted to witness history.


When the announcement was made, relief hit like a tidal wave, then excitement and joy, then love.  Love is the only way I can describe it. Hugs were given freely, congratulations were heard in every conversation and tears of joy flowed.


I am so happy that I work for an organisation that supports equality, has a Diverse Genders, Sexes and Sexualities Working Party and is actively working to make things better.  We got a Yes vote, now the real work begins and I want to hear your Ideas.  Together we can achieve great things, we proved that today.


This has not been an easy campaign and now that we begin the parliamentary debate it will continue to be hard. The RMIT Ally Network has organised a quiet space in Building 8, Level 4, Room 30 from 10am to 4pm, 15-17 November for staff to use should they need some time out or to meet with a colleague in a respectful and inclusive space.