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Last week we launched a blog (if you are reading this you already know that) but I thought I would spend some time telling you why.
Smart Stuff is a crowdsourcing tool for coming up with solutions.  That's what it says on the box but it's so much more than that.
Smart Stuff is YOU, the staff of RMIT,
It's the people that are passionate about their job and this University,
Individuals that want to see positive change. 
There are over 400 of you and I want to say thank you.
You have all come to this site and raised ideas, commented, voted or just browsed.  That time and effort should be respected and returned in kind. 
I don't want Smart Stuff to be just a place where you raise ideas, I want it to be where ideas are discussed, refined and are updated on the progress as they gets implemented.
We will do that in the comments but the blog allows us talk about so much more.  Such as the theory behind Smart Stuff, what happened to issues raised through it's predecessor Silly Stuff and what we do in the Community Team in conjunction with our Key Business Partners and Steering Committee to turn ideas into implemented solutions.
I have my own ideas but I want you to tell us what you want from Smart Stuff because this is your community and your voice.