Smart Stuff is a new platform for sharing and discovering ideas. Since our launch over one month ago, over 300 staff members have joined the Community and have raised over 30 ideas. 


You can contribute to each other's ideas, engage in discussion, and give kudos (vote!).


Smart Stuff is brimming with ideas and we thought we would share with you what is being done in relation to some of these: 


ID Cards – The current  system (over 10 years old, restricted functionality, can't be upgraded) is not very flexible. Property Services is currently looking at getting a new system and we will update you as progress is made. 

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Coffee grounds recycling – The sustainability group is looking at a range of options to provide organics collections to on-campus retailers.

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Casual demonstrators – Casual staff are valued members of the RMIT workforce and this year a project started to improve on-boarding casual staff.  

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That is just a taste! So log on, read, comment, vote and post ideas. Each post is also tagged, so that other users can easily find content about the things that matter to them. Let us know what you think is important and start posting!