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Mariëlle van de Rijdt, a Senior Project Officer in the College of Science Engineering and Health thought the process of applying for leave could be improved on. She had an idea for a technological solution and shared it with the wider RMIT community on Smart Stuff.

Her idea was the top trending idea for 2017 thanks to your votes. And thanks to some collaborative work in the HR Assist and BPI teams, it’s now been implemented!

Senior BPI Analyst Nick Mitchell looked into the idea in detail.
“As I was already assessing the contact centres and looking for opportunities to optimise service, when I saw Marielle’s idea I looked into the types of queries being fielded by HR Assist,” Mitchell said
“The number one reason people were raising queries with HR Assist was to upload their medical certificates.
Out of 5067 enquiries in the last twelve months, 3,411 were about medical certificates.”

As with any large organisation, processes build up over time and can get unnecessarily clunky. After reviewing the legislative and policy requirements it was found that there was no requirement for RMIT to receive and store medical certificates.

The HR Assist team worked with Nick to review and refresh the procedures and yesterday they launched the solution. Now, when a manager approves a certain leave type, they will simply cite the employee’s documentation and then confirm this by checking a box in ESS.

Helen Giacobbe from HR Assist says this will save time and effort for her team and is just a small part of a broader piece of work that aims to deliver smarter, more supportive service.
“Staff can expect to see many more benefits in 2018 as we continue to enhance systems and processes,” Giacobbe said.


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