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Email RMIT Connect

How do you email RMIT Connect? It seems impossible to send them a query anymore. This is ridiculous. What's the point in having a "Contact Us" link on the web site. Please don't reply with alternative ways to contact RMIT Connect, I am aware of all of them. Email is not redundant, it seems they have just tried to reduce their workload. Email is the best way to have a "paper" trail of a query, I hope someone can tell me that there is still a way to do this.

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Re: Email RMIT Connect

Hi @shaunr - welcome to the Community. I'm the Communications Coordinator here at RMIT Connect, so your feedback is very welcome to me.


First of all, I'm sorry that you haven't been able to email us. There *is* a way to have a conversation with us through email, but you have to start your enquiry online first. The process is:

  • Go to our portal (
  • Click the "Services" button
  • Click "Student/Staff Login"
  • Login as a student, and
  • Then pick the topic of the enquiry you're submitting (i.e. timetabling, enrolment etc) and away you go.

Any further correspondence, back-and-forth etc. will then take place via your student email - this gives you the full paper trail.


I know this isn't exactly what you're after as there is an initial process to follow online before moving on to email, but there are a number of key reasons why we've created this process rather than managing a single inbox:

  • It makes students sign-in before submitting an enquiry. Without this, unless students send emails from their student email address, we can't verify student identities and therefore often we can't respond to otherwise perfectly valid requests. If it's a peak time of year, you can understand why students get quite upset about being asked to re-send their email from a different inbox.
  • It cuts out an awful lot of spam, and
  • It allows us to route enquiries immediately to appropriate staff based on the topic, instead of managing them as one giant mass of emails.

I hope this is acceptable - and that we're able attend to your enquiry soon. Thanks - Jeremy.

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Re: Email RMIT Connect

my name is Stanley Kirwa, have just finished my program in advanced diploma and got GPA of 2.9 where my conditional program needed 3.0 GPA.
Am writing this email to inquire if there's a way I can get GPA special consideration where necessary. My next program will be starting as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Stanley Kirwa
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Re: Email RMIT Connect

Can staff members also use this portal?

I tried your suggested entry process and was asked to nominate a student this inquiry is for. Given I am not a student I could not get past this hurdle.

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Re: Email RMIT Connect

To: RMIT Connect,

I have submitted a request for module exception as I have taken in previous course of study . May I know , how Long it would take before RMIT Connect would get back to me with a reply.

My enquiry reference number is SE2148444.
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Re: Email RMIT Connect

In regards to the previous post , I have send an enquiry about 7 days ago.
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Deferred test

Hello, dear sir or madam
My name is Zhenxiao Gong, I'm writing this message for last week's test of strategic management control which I can't attend because I was suffering from diarrhea and insomnia. I have already applied for special consideration and I want to take this test in the next few days.
Zhenxiao Gong
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Re: Email RMIT Connect

  • I already applied the leave of absence last month (2020/03/23), but I didn’t receive any rely for successful application. And it seems to reteact my leave of absence, but i never do that. I feel worried about that due to the deadline census date.