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Yesterday,I chose my courses and I chose other courses that I should not have chosen.Then,I dropped them.Do I have to pay for those courses?Dose it can affect my normal courses?Please help me

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In relation to fees. They must be paid by you census day.  Additionally, for changes you may want to do in relation to your Enrolment i.e. changing the classes you've enrolled into (including dropping the incorrect ones) this must also be done by the census date.


As long as the dropped classes have been removed from your student account before the census date, you will not be charged for them.


Furthermore, I advise you to have a look at the Census date page which outlines what actions must be taken by students on the relevant date.

I'm not sure if you are a Higher or Vocational Education student so I have provided you with both pages.

Higher education census dates

Vocational education census dates


 Hope this helps! 


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