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How to find classrooms at RMIT

Hi all;


We've had some feedback at RMIT Connect that a lot of people are having trouble working out where their classrooms are - and fair enough, although the room location code does make sense, it's not exactly explained on your timetable.


Our rooms are all numbered using the (building number).(floor number).(room number) format. There's more info available in our KBA here.


Unforunately, there's no navigational rhyme or reason as to building numbers - they are actually numbered in the order in which they were acquired. Check for the building locations on

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Re: How to find classrooms at RMIT

I am glad I found this.  I am new to RMIT and starting classes tomorrow.  With a large and complex Campus I was concerned that the explanation of room numbers isn't shown on the Maps page at

It's all very interesting knowing about the architects of the building and a geographic location on  a street map.  But wouldn't it serve everyone better if this explanation was available as a heading or text box on each page of the Maps section?


Saves hunting through Community pages and is useful for new students and visitors alike.
It's not the kind of thing you should have to search for, shouldn't it be readliy available.  Just a suggestion.