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Student Loans

I have changed courses from the 3 year accounting course to the 4 year course, how do i know if the HECS-HELP i received for the 3 year course will be active for the 4 year one.


and is SA-HELP the same as HECS-HELP or have i now got no HECS-HELP on the 4 year course that i enrolled in.


if i haven't got HECS-HELP on the 4 year course how can i get HECS-HELP for it.


thanks in advance.

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RMIT Connect

Re: Student Loans

If you already have a Commonwealth Supported Place in the program, you'll have completed an eCAF (Commonwealth Assistance Form) as part of enrolling into it. To double-check, log into Enrolment Online (, select My Student Record, then View/Apply for Commonwealth Assistance. You'll be able to see your eCAF there, and which program the eCAF belongs to.


Good luck! If you're in any doubt, please call or visit us asap, to get this sorted BEFORE census date.



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