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change program



please assist.

i'm an sponsored international student currently enrolled in program X, doing my final year. I would like to change to program Y.

i understand that the census date is 31 march before any penalties are given.

can i still be enrolled into program Y in this semester? i've just tried and seems that i can still make application for program Y for this semester. and will my credits exemption be brought forward so that i can still do my final year for proram Y? will i be able to make any appeal so that the tutorials and practicals which i will miss from program Y will not be affected? As i won't know how long the change will take place..


any advice? thank u

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Re: change program

Hi Nora;


OK, there's a few things to go through here - but I am afraid that the answer is "probably not", I'm sorry.


First of all, the last date to enrol into new courses is next Friday (10th of March). This is because, as you point out, students cannot miss too much class and still expect to perform well in new subjects.



Then, there is the question of credits. It's difficult to say what exact circumstances might apply to you without knowing which programs you mean by Program X and Program Y, as credit is finally determined by the Schools at RMIT, but be aware that if you are studying a Higher Education program, credit for prior learning is generally limited to 50% of the credits for any one program. Don't forget that the courses effectively need to be the same - you can't just assume that you'll get full credit for everything you've studied.


Then, there is the question of your visa and sponsorship. The sponsorship is up to you - you'll need to work out with your sponsor whether a change of program might impact your sponsorship. However, as an International student, you also need to obtain agreement from RMIT International - see the form at This would need to be submitted TODAY. You should also speak to Immigration and ensure that this wouldn't present visa-related problems.


If you were to be successful, I am afraid that there is no way to appeal for extensions etc. on the basis of not having attended classes, as this isn't due to circumstances beyond your control.


So, in short, I'm very sorry but I'm afraid that you are probably too late to manage a change of programs. I understand this is disappointing for you - perhaps, if you are having a very difficult time at the moment, it may be possible to organise a Leave of Absence for this semester and consider applying for Program Y in mid-year. If you want to consider that, please let me know either here in the forum or via Private Message and I'll talk you through that.

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