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requesting an early return from Deferral

Dear Madam or Sir,


Program: MC205 - Master of Commerce


I have accepted the offer in Master of Commerce but not enrolled yet. I wish to defer my enrolment and would like to start in Semester 2 2017. 


I am now holding an internship overseas and it will be finished in late June. So it will be more appropriate for me to start the program in July 2017.


It is preferable if I can start the program early in Semester 2. Hope this will be possible.


Thanks so much


Best regards,

Yuting Liao

RMIT Connect
RMIT Connect

Re: requesting an early return from Deferral

Dear @yutingliao - I'm sorry that we haven't yet responded to your post. You definitely need to log an enquiry via our portal ( - click Services and then Student/Staff Login to, well, log-in. You can go from there to submit a request about preparing to enrol, and the team will manage it for you. Thanks

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