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Access RMIT Network from Home

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I am using a program (Insite) for a year 4 project and can use it on my personal laptop when connected to the RMIT WiFi but when using it from home it cannot access the license file. Is there a way to VPN access the network so I can continue my project off campus.


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Re: Access RMIT Network from Home

Hi John,


Maybe you should go to RMIT IT support to ask them for the help, they are located in building 80, level 3.


The best way to find them is to take the escalator in building 80, once you reach the 3rd level, walk to the right side, and then you will see the IT support frontdesk. 


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Re: Access RMIT Network from Home

Hi @jchicas9


VPN access is only available for RMIT staff and PHD students which can be requested via the Service and Support portal.

In order to be able to help you a bit better, can you confirm how you obtained the software/program? Were you given this software/program and license through RMIT for your personal device? Or had you purchased/gained this software outside of RMIT, if so you will need to contact the vendor. 







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