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Re: Wifi Connection

Hi There


I had this problem this morning around 9.30am in Building 80.

I am currently experiencing the same problem in Pearsons & Murphy (which usually works great guns) 3.30pm.


I can use eduroam (slowly) but not rmit. It connects to the wifi but says no internet connection.




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Re: Wifi Connection

Hi @Tara


Thank you for letting us know!


I'll send you a PM, at our IT Networks team would like to do some specific troubleshooting with you to determine whether this is a new (or isolated) issue or whether the previous issue might be recurring.

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Re: Wifi Connection

Experienced this issue in 80.02.07 , on the left side at the front this morning for 30 mins, was able to connect after that. After forgetting the network it wouldn't allow me to authenticate- no prompt for login details appeared. Person sitting next to me had wifi working fine. Phone still refused to connect, with an 'authentication issue'. After trying to reconnect periodically, it eventually prometed me for details, however would not connect still. A couple of attempts later another authentication dialogue appeared and I was able to connect.

Only experienced this issue in 80.07.02, but seems to have been persistant over the last couple of weeks- in the event I am able to connect it will take 20-30 mins for me to be able to ping any ip successfully.


Edit: Upon reading other responses, it seems the issue causing no ip to be assigned has already been resolved.


Re: Wifi Connection

Hi all!


Just as side note: if your device states it is connected to the RMIT-University network but you're unable to receive any internet access, do make sure to do a quick check of your DNS settings as this is often the cause:
For Windows:

For Mac:



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Re: Wifi Connection

Building 9 Level 2 Room 6. Ongoing wifi access problem for this semester (so far).