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Following are the Terms of Service for the RMIT myCommunity.

By visiting and using the community, you agree to comply with these Terms of Service and the following related RMIT policies that cover acceptable use, security, privacy, communications and conduct:



RMIT students will need to comply with the Student conduct policy.


RMIT staff will need to comply with these additional policies:




myCommunity is a peer-to-peer discussion channel for RMIT staff and students. It provides a central forum to ask RMIT University related questions, help and support other RMIT staff and students and to share answers, ideas and learnings. We expect all users to observe the community rules of conduct set forth in these Terms of Service.

Questions and comments posted within this discussion channel may be viewed by audiences outside of RMIT.



Community content

The content found in myCommunity comes from a variety of sources, primarily from community members. RMIT makes no claims or representations as to the accuracy, completeness or truth of any material submitted or found in the discussion areas.


Any advice received through this forum cannot be used as grounds for academic appeal or special consideration.


You will need to join myCommunity to submit a comment or question.

To ensure that the community remains positive, relevant and engaging for all, the following rules are to be abided when posting and commenting:

  1. Posts must not contain any abusive or unlawful content. Posts that are defamatory, abusive, threatening, discriminatory or otherwise unlawful are not permitted and will be reported to the appropriate area for investigation.
  2. Participants should not contribute advertising materials, commercial product endorsements, or off-topic materials.
  3. Participants must not contribute any material that breaches copyright.
  4. Participants are in no way to impersonate other people, including other participants.
  5. Posts are to remain constructive and respectful of others at all times.
  6. Participants may not post content that infringes or threatens the privacy of others.
  7. Participants should be aware that staff may monitor discussion forums and remove inappropriate posts.
  8. Any post that a participant may consider as breaching reasonable comment should be raised with myCommunity moderation team.


The myCommunity team will monitor and actively moderate the forum during standard operating hours only: 9am-5pm. Monday to Friday


Moderators will not tolerate anything that is threatening, abusive, offensive, indecent, bigoted, hateful or is racially, politically or religiously offensive. Personal attacks on blog authors, moderators, other users or any individual will be removed. Content such as legal threats, slams or rants against any users of the community and RMIT University will also be reported and removed.


If you do not comply with these Terms of Service and the myCommunity Guidelines, your comments may be edited or removed by a moderator. Continued failure to comply with the terms or guidelines may result in being banned from myCommunity by the Community Manager. The Community Manager’s word is final.


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