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ABAQUS on myDesktop

I am using the engineering software, ABAQUS. Usually I can see the ABAQUS icon on myDesktop and I can use it without no problem. But when I checked today, I cannot find it. Even when I try to search by typing the name of the app, I still couldn't find it. Any ideas how to solve this?

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Re: ABAQUS on myDesktop

Hi @mhajinaw 


The software that you can access on myDesktop often depends on the specific course you are enrolled in. There is of course a base selection of software which is available to everybody, however some more specialised apps are limited only to students of certain courses.


Which course are you currenty enrolled in? I can check to see whether ABAQUS is available for it.



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Re: ABAQUS on myDesktop

Mechanical engineering. It should be on the list.