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Citrix Receiver Pop Up Errors

Hi Community, 


We have been experiencing some issues with citrix receiver, you may experience multiple pop ups with the following error "The remote server failed to execute the application launch request. Please contact your administrator for further details"


There has been a manual fix that took place for this yesterday, this fix will automatically update citrix receiver. However if your computer had been turned off during that stage the update may have not flown through to your computer.


If you are still experiencing citrix receiver pop ups, please try the following steps below: 



Option 1:  Restart your computer first, if you do not receive any pop ups on start up, the update has been successful 



Option 2: If you are still receiving the pop ups after your computer has been restarted, please do the following steps. 



1. From your start menu, search for "software center" via the programs and files search bar. Open Software Center. 

2. Under the listing of available software, locate TS: Citrix Receiver upgrade (Staff) Select the tick box and then select install selected.

screenshot 3.png

3. During the installation process, you will receive a dialogue box advising to close any files or applications as a restart will occur. 

4. During the installation, you may receive another dialogue box to enter your credentials, you will need to enter the following: 

Username: RMIT\ ID number 

Password: Enter your RMIT network password 


5. Once the installation has completed, you will see the installations status as installed and your computer will restart 


screenshot 4.png

5. Once your computer restarts and you have logged in, the issue has been resolved. 




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Re: Citrix Receiver Pop Up Errors

Hi, I tried logging out and change my password but there is still a pop-up error stated its invalid.

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Re: Citrix Receiver Pop Up Errors



This fix doesnt work for me (i am on my own computer using the Workspace to dial in)


Is there another fix?


Assignment due at 11:59