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I cannot find hard drive H on my desktop

There is no hard drive H, but there is a drive with my student number and it is totally empty, it this the drive I need to upload my file to if i want to print from my own laptop ?4.PNG


Re: I cannot find hard drive H on my desktop

Hi @Jessie

The drive you have indicated in your image (the one with your student ID) is your network H: drive. This drive maps to RMIT computers and to the MyDesktop environment when you log on to either.

The screenshot you've posted shows you're using the full version of MyDesktop, as the hard drive of your personal device is present in Windows Explorer ("Local disk C: on JESSIE"). Simply open the "C: on JESSIE" drive, and copy/paste the files you're looking to work with onto the RMIT desktop.

You can reply here if you have any problems.


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