Linux Support - myDesktop Citrix

I was wondering if there is linux support for myDesktop Citrix.

If so, where do I download the file from. 

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Re: Linux Support - myDesktop Citrix

Pulling up an old thread, but this seemed like a suitable place. I got myDesktop running fine under Linux Mint 20.1 by:

1) Downloading citrix workspace for linux from

2) Downloading the certificate from

3) Copy the certificate (as root user) to  /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/quovardis_root_ca_2_g3

4) In the RMIT myDesktop web-portal, click the desktop you want to open. It will download a file - open that file with citrix workspace.


I initally had issues with the certificate, but the certificate in that link worked fine as of 22-aug-2021


Good luck!

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Re: Linux Support - myDesktop Citrix

Thank you. That works.