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Just recently enrolled and exploring what enrichment facilities are available at RMIT for students . What is this My desktop what is its significance ?my understanding says it only to access the uni software anywhere to enable finish the outstanding work elsewhere out of University





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Hi @Mahesh
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You're pretty much correct in your understanding. The myDesktop environment provides access to a virtual Windows environment, with connection to your student H: drive, as well as various programs (these will differ depending on your studies).
As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the myDesktop services.

With a recent upgrade earlier in the year, it's no longer necessary to install the Citrix Receiver software to run the myDesktop environment or the programs available in the Apps tab (this is referred to as the light version).
However, if you are wishing to access files that are stored on your personal device (laptop or desktop) you will need to install the Receiver and switch to the full version. 

You can find more infomation and guides on myDesktop below:



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