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As I have just enrolled and I'm finding my way around the RMIT system, what exactly does MyDesktop allow me to do?

Where do I get help for this?


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Re: MyDesktop

MyDesktop is essentially a virtual PC that you can login to from any location that has all the software a physical RMIT pc, like the ones on campus has.

You also have access to your H drive and the files you save on your RMIT desktop, so it saves you having to move files around when you want to work from home.

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Re: MyDesktop

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You can also view our IT Knowledge Base, You can view the section on myDesktop, you may also wish to view some questions that have been asked in our myDesktop Board 


Further information can also be found on the RMIT website: 


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Re: MyDesktop

I should add here that there are a few niche products that - thanks to licensing arrangements, I believe - aren't available on myDesktop. For example, computers in the Engineering computer laboratories do have access to a broader range of design and evaluation software than available via myDesktop.


That said, as a staff member and a student (and I am both), I am a big fan of myDesktop. The ability to access tools like the Adobe Suite and Microsoft Project from anywhere has been extremely useful for both roles, and being able to access the shared drive remotely is also great.

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Re: MyDesktop

myDesktop is great!!! Make sure you use it on your phone too just in case you need to do last minute printing of an important document! Smiley Wink