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Mydesktop Citrix

I've never had this problem before, but when I try to log on to mydesktop, a pop up appears and says 'initilization failed: contact your helpdesk for assistance'. The only problem is, the IT desk online form isn't working either. 


Re: Mydesktop Citrix

Hi @Pippa


Do you happen to know if you're running the light version (just through the web browser in a new tab) or the full version (needing Citrix Recevier installed and launches in a new window) of MyDesktop?

Taking into account your advising you don't seem to be able to load the Service and Support Portal page either, you can rule out older/junk data in your browser via the following (if using the light version):
- Using Chrome of Firefox, click the three dots in the upper right and select New Private/Incognito window
- In the new window go to and log in as normal. See if you can run MyDesktop successfully. If so, you can clear your browser's history/chace and you should be good.

If you're using the full version, uninstall Citrix Receiver and download/re-install from before attempting to run MyDesktop again.


Please let us know how you go.



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