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RMIT login doesn't give access to journal articles

Hi there,

I was trying to access journal articles and for some reason I can't access any of the articles from RMIT library 

Each online access link asks for a login, but none of my RMIT logins work

How do I gain access? 

Thank you for your time

RMIT Connect
RMIT Connect

Re: RMIT login doesn't give access to journal articles

I have had a similar-ish thing before, where accessing the article requires trying a different method.


If going direct through the RMIT Library page doesn't work, try going through Google Scholar, then click the right-hand link next to the article link (either a [PDF] link, or FindIt@RMIT).


If that doesn't work (unlikely), try accessing the journal itself via RMIT Library and then going to the issue and page number that you require.

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