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myDesktop error on iPad

I can't seem to log in to the myDesktop using the citri reciever on the iPad anymore. It just returns an error saying "Cannot Add Account"

I have no problems using a PC to access the remote desktop.

I've tried removing and re-installing the reciver app on the iPad to no avail.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: myDesktop error on iPad

Hi Flyer,


Launching apps and desktops by going to in iPad's Safari should still work if you can live with that. This is the recommended method for accessing anything in myDesktop.




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Re: myDesktop error on iPad

This does not work. Cannot access desktop via iPad at all by either method.  Any ideas how to proceed please? Thank you

Re: myDesktop error on iPad

Hi @Marcel

To expand a bit on @QuanN's response: if you install the Receiver app on the iPad (don't need to sign into it) it should kick in automatically when you log into the MyDesktop website on Safari and attempt to run a program and/or desktop environment.

Are you able to advise if the scenario above is working for you? If not, we can take a further look for you.




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